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Embracing technological change as an ongoing process, and proud to be at the leading edge of the dental profession, everything about Southbrook Dental Practice – such as free dental services for youngsters, long opening hours, the friendly, relaxing atmosphere and our wide-ranging professional expertise – underlines our commitment to ensuring that every client is able to enjoy the best possible dental health from childhood through maturity to old age.

With our own specialist in-house expertise covering every aspect of modern dental care, Southbrook Dental Practice is your convenient, full-service clinic for decayed and broken teeth, exposed nerves and abscesses, loose teeth, bleeding or painful gums. We specialize in the treatment of more complex dental issues too, preventive and restorative, including the effects of gum disease and poor hygiene, elective and emergency dental surgery, and the fitting of dentures, braces and implants.

From initial diagnosis through treatment planning to a successful conclusion, you’ll find we love our work – and want to care for you – as much as you want to care for yourself.

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