Rapid Access Clinic

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Sometimes it can be a difficult process for our working clients, so we have adopted a strategy which aims to free up more of your time when going for dental treatment.

Our RAPID ACCESS CLINIC has been set up to allow our clients a one stop treatment facility. 

Historically, patients would come in for an assessment, then have to go for X rays and return for treatment, which may fall into multiple sessions.

What we ate Southbrook Dental practice have done is undertaken a survey with our clients and asked what they would prefer. how could we improve our services.

Three very interesting notions were brought about and we are addressing the additional services as we speak.

The first point is Rapid treatment. Clients want to be diagnosed and treated without having to go and return, taking much time from their own daily working lives.

So our Rapid Access Clinic aims to do just that, From smaller treatment, sedated treatment to reconstruction, our team can fit it in.

Contact us to see how we can assist you in a single sitting.